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Since virtually all man-made CO2 (mmCo2) emissions occur on land, where trees take up the mmCO2, any increase in airborne CO2 must be natural. 11:03 PM Dec 31st, 2009.  

Popular Technology lists of 500 peer-reviewed documents supporting AGW skepticism. Gore need to read new data. See: 10:57 PM Dec 31st, 2009.  

NASA GISS (weather stations) and NASA NEO MODIS (satellite) temp anomalies are different: What's righter? See: 10:43 PM Dec 31st, 2009.  

Three rule of counterterrorism: Collect intelligence, Collate intelligence, and Counter the threat: an action agenda, ill suited to bureaucrats. 5:16 AM Dec 31st, 2009.  

Weather in Northern Europe in 1812 like that in 2009.: defeat for Napoleon at Moscow, and for Obama at Copenhagen. Real climate change. 11:16 PM Dec 30th, 2009.  

TSA airline counterterrorism effects seem to work perfectly between the times a terrorist actually gets on a plane. Not good enough! 10:25 AM Dec 30th, 2009.  

There is an option for those objecting to full-body scan machines: don't fly on commercial airlines. 6:04 AM Dec 30th, 2009.  

As more info comes in about the airline attack, it becomes clear that US counterterrorism operations are FUBAR. Simply no effective program. 10:19 PM Dec 29th, 2009..

Climategate is déjà vu: corruption of data is nothing new: "First gather the facts; then you can distort them at your leisure." — Mark Twain 7:11 AM Dec 29th, 2009.  

Playboy may be considering forming a new airline: The TSA lines will move faster because all passengers and crew will fly naked. 10:14 PM Dec 28th, 2009.  

TSA security does not seem to keep bombers off planes, but it sure makes flying an unattractive means of transportation. 9:35 PM Dec 28th, 2009.  

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley identifies and rebuts Scientific American science lies. See: - SA just pulp Sci-Fi. 3:58 PM Dec 27th, 2009.  

Reexamining the anthropogenic global warming theory (the theory is still junk science) see: AGW a cult, not a science. 3:50 PM Dec 27th, 2009.  

Optimizing success of AGW research: First gather the facts; then you can distort them at your leisure. . — Mark Twain 10:42 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

Global Warming can only come from a "heat source" like the sun. Get the latest on the sun  NASA-SOHO at 7:15 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

I think an independent review of the validity of the MLO climate data is in order before we start a UN carbon control regime. 7:03 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

If Mauna Loa is the only official CO2 monitoring site, where is the “control site” used to calibrate Mauna Loa? 7:02 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

Do we really know what the true level of atmospheric CO2 is? Maybe the 385 ppm number has more volcanic CO2 that we know. 7:01 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

Measurements are “adjusted” to account for local degassing of CO2 the volcano. When I see “adjusted” I cringe, and you should too.  7:01 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

A key question is whether the NOAA Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) is well above and apart from local natural-generated CO2 influences.  7:00 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

The NOAA Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) is located close by. its location well above local human-generated influences.  6:58 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

The location of Mauna Loa has also made it an important location for atmospheric monitoring by the Global Atmosphere Watch.  6:57 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

The Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO), located at 11,155 feet on the northern slope has long been prominent in observations of the Sun.  6:57 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

The estimated global mean temperature (1951-1980) is usually said to be 14°C (57.2°F). Would 2°C warmer really be all that bad? Not really.  6:55 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

Post-Copenhagen world reveals that majority of anti-carbon activists are also very anti-American. Why am I not surprised by this?  6:41 AM Dec 26th, 2009.  

An Oklahoma company has long been a producer of small wind turbines that work well on farms, but urban zoning rules prohibit city use.  11:27 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Today geothermal projects in several areas are being closely reviewed to see if the technology causes minor earthquake swarms.  11:26 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Phillips Petroleum did extensive work in the geothermal area but could not find a way to commercially mainstream it.  11:26 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Years ago Phillips Petroleum and Gulf Oil did extensive research into claims made about Cold Fusion and could not replicate the claim.  11:25 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Not having found a better fuel, the oil companies have perfected better ways to get at more of the crude oil and natural gas.  11:25 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

The research people at Exxon-Mobil, ConocoPhillips, etc., are very clever. If they had found a good alternative fuel, they would sell it.  11:24 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Why waste money on alternative car fuels when regular unleaded gasoline is cheap, reliable and usually quite plentiful in America?  11:24 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Petroleum companies began studying alternative energy options more that three decade ago and didn’t find any that were commercially viable.  11:23 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

I hear people asking why the major petroleum companies are not moving to alternative energy sources. Maybe they didn't find any better ones?  11:23 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

Since ethanol blended fuels (thinned gasoline) get less MPG, motorists must buy more of it to get them to their destination.  11:22 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

There is a curious rumor that if an energy company questions ethanol, it must be to keep the profits of gasoline high. Maybe not.  11:22 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

It is easy to tell an AGW alarmist: they assume that are research funded by the Sierra Club or coming  Al Gore must be true.  11:21 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

It is easy to tell an AGW alarmist: they assume that all research funded by a fossil fuel energy company must be suspect.  11:21 AM Dec 25th, 2009.  

AGW junk science peer-reviewed by AGW junk science believers is still worthless junk science, even when published by Nature or Science.  9:34 PM Dec 24th, 2009.  

It's called man-made global warming because no woman scientists would be dumb enough to sign off on such a stupid climate warming theory.  9:25 PM Dec 24th, 2009.  

Reports have it that in the world of AGW science, fewer five and eight sided snowflakes causes glacier depletions in the Alps. Who knew!  10:18 AM Dec 24th, 2009.  

Obama goes to Denmark and pledges billions for AGW fraud "reparations," but the bro can't spare a dime to close Gitmo before 2011. So sad!  7:31 AM Dec 23rd, 2009.  

Obama goes to Denmark and pledges billion for AGW fraud, but can't spare a dime to close Gitmo.  7:15 AM Dec 23rd, 2009.  

In terms of what Obama spoke of on the campaign trail and what is likely to be "Health Care Reform," we have seen an absence of leadership.  12:05 AM Dec 23rd, 2009.  

Once upon a time the Congress, and Senate especially, worked for the common good of all citizens: That seems to be a political myth today.  12:03 AM Dec 23rd, 2009.  

It seems clear that every Democratic Senator has a sign on his or her doors reading: "My vote is for sale for deals seem to favor my state.  12:01 AM Dec 23rd, 2009.  

Today, in the US Senate our elected representative have learned to vote for anything is they can cut a deal for their home state.  11:59 PM Dec 22nd, 2009.  

This Occam's Razor approach to no-problems seems to be beyond the keen of virtually every politico in power today.  11:57 PM Dec 22nd, 2009.  

The easiest way to solve a non-problem is to admit that it is a non-problem and stop trying to make it a real problem. Duh!  11:56 PM Dec 22nd, 2009.  

Can Obama walk himself back his superblunder in Copenhagen: all he had to say was "AGW is a fraud" and he would have saved the world.  11:54 PM Dec 22nd, 2009.  

Is forcing Americans to buy private health insurance unconstitutional? This seems a very focused abuse of Liberty to me.  11:44 AM Dec 22nd, 2009.  

Happy news: between now & the 2010 meeting in Mexico City there is time to flesh out & expose the puss ridden corpus of AGW's junk science.  10:40 PM Dec 21st, 2009.  

The fact that the EU has plunged so quickly into the AGW quagmire illustrates has little regard Old Europe has for science integrity.  10:35 PM Dec 21st, 2009.  

It is a good time to again pause and remember that the Great Lie of AGW junk science was spawned by the UK government in the 1980's.  10:34 PM Dec 21st, 2009.  

One of the most important aspects of the Copenhagen Accord was that Europe was not at the table when the debacle was finalized.  10:33 PM Dec 21st, 2009.  

As the Diane Rehm shows, the MSM is pro-AGW and will never deal with the science hoax in a meaningful manner. Propaganda trumps journalism.  7:50 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

One guest on the Diane Rehm expressed the AGW mantra that the IPCC reports have conclusively settle the CO2 science issue.  7:45 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

The current atmospheric CO2 level is about 385 ppm, but at levels over less that 50 ppm, CO2 IR absorbency is fully saturated.  7:43 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

This answer is a deliberate misstatement of the necessary role of GHG that provided the necessary habitability warming of the Earth.  7:40 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

One guest on the Diane Rehm replied to a science question my saying CO2 is a part of GHG warming, so it must be causing the runaway GW.  7:39 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

The new "party line" in the AGW deception is to totally ignore any science debate and focus only on the political agenda.  7:27 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

Obama's actions at Copenhagen made it clear to the world that he has no understanding of science and little concern for US economy.  7:24 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

Guests and guest host on Diane Rehm show this morning continue to put a happy face on the Copenhagen Climate Summit outcome.  7:22 AM Dec 21st, 2009.  

If the Giant Icebergs runs aground in Australian shore, who will own it? Will law of natural accretion apply? Could be beachfront bonanza.  10:03 PM Dec 20th, 2009.  

Obama leaves Copenhagen early to get home before giant snowstorm closes Andrews AFB; just a bit of AGW global warming climate irony.  11:37 PM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Blaming CO2 today for climate change is a lot like the Salem Witch trials where some "witchery" women were accused of changing the weather.  12:19 PM Dec 18th, 2009.  

The question for the USA is whether Obama is bigger danger because he believes in the CO2e hoax, or merely uses it for political purposes?  10:35 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Chinese social cohesion demands continued rapid economic growth, and to think its leaders would risk all that on a science hoax is crazy.  10:33 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

The pipedream that control of CO2e will return the Earth to an Eden-like state are the hopes of delusional and ignorant minds.  10:32 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Localized and present climate issue need to be dealt with, to the extent remediation is possible, on a localized basis.  10:32 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Localized climate problems are not a new phenomenon. Glaciers have been melting and land desertification problems ever with us.  10:31 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Anecdotal reports of "localized" climate issues may be real, but are not scientific proof of any CO2e driven AGW global climate change.  10:31 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Copenhagen ends blaming China and the US for not agreeing to the science quackery that give a facade to global warming. The world rejoices!  10:17 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Robert Kopp, at Princeton, says that in future Netherlands and Flanders will disappear beneath the sea and maybe NYC. What alarmist rubbish.  8:33 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

The politicization of the CO2e junk science had robbed the important and good aspects of localized environmental concerns. Live locally.  8:28 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

China rightly says it has no duty to account for CO2e data. Indeed, why should it worry about a USA-EU eco-radical junk science theory?  8:25 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Diane Rehm and two guests on the second segment this morning make it clear they support idea that there is a CO2e problem. Deluded minds.  8:23 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Obama makes it clear in Copenhagen that he is 100% on the side of the AGW deception and will continue to push the anti-CO2e agenda.  8:21 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

New Climate Gate spin: AGW'ers now saying overenthusiastic people fudged data to make serious problem look more urgent; they live the lie!  8:19 AM Dec 18th, 2009.  

Greatest danger of AGW now revealed. Disappearance of summer North Pole sea ice will destroy Santa's Workshop. Gore plays the Santa card!  11:30 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Coming Attraction: An Asiseeitnow page will appear soon archiving all of the 4280+ tweets Tom has posted, many dealing with AGW fraud.  11:20 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Is the European police state going global? See Lord Monckton's Copenhagen report: It would seem so.  11:16 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Blueshirted UN Climate Conference storm trooper security thugs did manage to knock down and knock out Lord Monckton. See  11:09 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

It seems that Mother Nature intends to ignore presence of humankind and do her own climate thing, as she has always done. CO2e not bad.  11:01 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Same statistical based model predicts increase after 2050 for the rest of the century will be only about 0.2 C above present levels.  11:00 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

New statistical -based Climate Model predicts virtually flat global temperatures through 2050. See  10:59 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Gore 1992:''The time for debate is over. The science is settled'' That is true AL, we all know that AGW science is junk; no debating that!  10:35 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

The so-called "best" minds of 192 countries gathered to solve a non-problem, and ended up with an incredibly lame non-agreement.  10:32 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Primate objective of Copenhagen payments to poor countries is to get them to stay poor and underdeveloped: it's economic neo-colonialism.  10:30 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Essence of Copenhagen draft accord involves further pretense that CO2e is a problems, coupled with massive bribe paid to poor countries.  10:28 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

It is said that Global Warming a tough sell for the human psyche: this is especially so when the junk science of it defies common sense.  10:19 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

In the midst of the science fraud it has also become starkly clear that those pushing the Copenhagen agenda could care less about science.  10:08 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Data manipulation at CRU. the Met, NOAA and NASA, and science incompetence at UNEP and the IPCC are a dark chapter of massive science fraud.  10:06 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Worse yet those in the US and UK government can be trusted to give us a real answer about what the global temperature has been since 1950.  10:04 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Because of the mounting evidence of climate temperature data fraud there is no longer any believable global world temperature measure.  10:02 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Nothing related to CO2 emissions (CO2e) will cause climate to rise or fall, because the AGW theory is a science fraud.  10:01 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Others say there are fears that any deal may not prevent a 3C (5.4F) temperature rise. I agree. Since CO2 not a cause, a deal is worthless.  9:59 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Some say a deal appears to be in sight for the final day of the UN climate change talks, but who knows what it will be. Probably nothing.  9:56 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Current, so called, health reform bill is a dud round.  3:36 PM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Being gay or lesbian is not a real impediment to marriage for there are many marriage where one partner is gay or lesbian  .8:01 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

The term “marriage” is as civil a term as it is religious, for it is the law and not the church that bestows the civil aspects of marriage.  8:01 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Faith-based marriage laws are unconstitutional.  8:00 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

In fact, the so-called Defense of Marriage Law is clearly violative of the separation of church and state and are unlawful.  8:00 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

The sacramental aspects of religious marriage is the business of the religious denominations; but that ought not control civil rights.  7:59 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

The full range of civil and tax rights that attach when a man and woman marry ought to be available to every couple regardless of gender.  7:59 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

If two old guys at the nursing home want to be roomies for life, with legal protections of marriage, they should be able to make it happen.  7:59 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

If two heterosexual women want to marry each other to get the legal benefits of man-woman marriage they ought to have the right.   7:58 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

If inter-racial marriage prohibitions are unlawful, then absence of inter-gender marriage rights should also be wrong.  7:58 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

When I remembered that the Supreme Court invalidated the laws prohibiting inter-racial marriages, it made me think.  7:57 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Time to quit trying to get same-sex marriage rights for gays and lesbians. Instead, we need to work for gender-neutral marriage for all.  7:57 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

The latest District of Columbia City Council action regarding same-sex marriage brings to mind some thoughts about this issue.  7:56 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

Two more days and the Copenhagen fiasco will be over. Then it will be time to mount a full-scale investigation of US data manipulation.  7:30 AM Dec 17th, 2009.  

If AGW was a stock and a phony market projections (the climate model output) were used, the AGW brokers would be arrested for stock fraud.  11:14 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The IPCC continue to cite their worthless computer model numbers today because they hope you won't realize that they are worthless.  11:13 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Why does the IPCC continue to cite their worthless computer model numbers today? Because their core theory is worthless without them!  11:13 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

None of the 20+ IPCC climate assessment computer models predicted the global cooling that came after after1998.  11:12 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

For the last 20 years, all of the 20+ IPCC climate assessment computer models have significantly overstated global warming.  11:11 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

For the last 20 years, all of the 20+ IPCC climate assessment computer models have failed to accurately predict climate behavior.  11:10 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Long-term climate models fail (No6) because, inter alia, certain incorrect CO2 “forcing” data is assumed to be true.  11:09 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Long-term climate models fail (No5) because, inter alia, known essential variables are not included in the model.  11:08 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Long-term climate models fail (No4) because, inter alia, the solutions are often unstable except in the short term.  11:08 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Long-term climate models fail (No3) because, inter alia, the equations of the model may be non-linear.  11:07 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Long-term climate models fail (No2) because, inter alia, there is too little data to set the model's initial conditions.  11:07 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Long-term climate models fail (No1) because, inter alia, the solution requires more computations than the computer can make.  11:05 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

No currently operational climate model has any chance of predicting either global warming or cooling over an multi-decade time interval.    11:03 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The more than 24 non-linear differential equation in simple weather models are too difficult to solve accurately for more than a week.  11:03 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Space-travel is possible because computers can solve an n-body problem for a short amount of time and small n-values.  11:02 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Climate models and space science reveal reason why the former fail to give usable long-term climate predictions.  11:02 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The “real” adverse effect is the fact that the UN is attempting to change the energy infrastructure based on patently false science claims.  11:01 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The Denmark paper say that the “effects of climate change are … a serious threat to the social and economic development of all countries.”  11:01 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The “leaked” Denmark paper states, “The adverse effects of climate change are already taking place.“  11:00 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Statement like those by the UN officials is why Tony Blair says that a global warming solution no longer depends on real science: its power!  10:22 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

“This is not a climate-change negotiation … It’s about something much more fundamental. It’s about economic strength.” — Janos Pasztor (UN)  10:19 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Janos Pasztor—the Dir. of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Change Support Team says, "This is not a climate-change negotiation."  10:18 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says "We will establish a global governance structure to monitor and manage the implementation of this. "  10:14 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Russian accuse CRU of cherry picking data  their warmest land stations. More revelations of naughtiness. All Climate temp studies bad!  9:55 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Read Open Letter from Lord Monckton and Senator Fielding to IPCC Chairman Pachauri. See  9:53 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

So, the WMO statement, while “true,” has no relevance in terms of a global warming trend. But serves as a lie bodyguarding of the AGW hoax.  2:42 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Interestingly, as the temps continue to fall in 2010-2015, the average highest decade in a 100-years will move backward in time to 1988-98.  2:41 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

It is true that the average temp for the decade after 1998 is higher than the average in the decade before, when the trend was still rising.  2:38 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Actually the temperature trend in the 1998-2009 period is falling and not rising. Also, several periods before 1900 were much warmer.  2:31 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

What the WMO wants people to believe is that the 1999-2009. decade is the warmest its ever been, and getting warmer, which is a dual lie.  2:30 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

What is “the modern record?” It is 1900 to 2009., which is the time span their statement relates to. There are warmer times in older periods.  2:29 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The World Meteorological Organization managers are a devious bunch of dissemblers, claiming the 2009.-2009. decade is warmest in the modern record.  2:28 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

If the bleeding heart Leftists of Old Colonial Europe want to pay reparations to their former colonies, that’s okay, but not climate issue.  2:06 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Few citizen of today agree that reparations should be paid now for their country’s supposed early part in underdeveloping other countries.  2:05 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Some of the richer nations are having trouble playing along with the AGW hoax when it come to agreeing to pay hard cash to poor countries.  2:04 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Copenhagen may bring some agreements relating to the protection of large virgin forest areas, but seemingly little else.  2:03 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Since we know the so-call science behind the CO2-AGW-threat is a hoax, and nuclear is not desired, then we need to quit playing GW games.  1:28 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

If the AGW coalition fears nuclear more than warming, then the CO2 claims need to end and alternative energy can supplement fossil fuels.  1:27 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

The AGW’s need to face the “real” reality: if global warming is really real then nuclear is the only practical energy alternative.  1:27 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

It is no wonder that as soon as China announced it was planning a rapid expansion of it nuclear power capacity, the Greenies howled.  1:26 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

If fossil fuel emissions were the cause of global warming, then reliable nuclear should be the solution, but Greenies abhor that outcome.  1:25 PM Dec 16th, 2009.  

Wind turbines can be threat to the power grids, as German “pinwheel's” irregular power generations now makes EU grid management difficult.  10:32 AM Dec 16th, 2009.  

As things are today, I like to think of Polar Bears as the one animal form with the worlds best lobby group. And the darn bears pay nothing!  10:39 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

But, if the Polar Bears were gone, would the sea ice-free Arctic be safer for Polar region tourists? Would seals flourish? Seemingly!  10:37 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

Greenies would say priceless; but the auction of a permit to hunt that last Polar Bear would likely fetch many millions. Two perspectives!  10:33 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

Today on the Diane Rehm show, she asked what would be the value of the world's last polar bear. Her guest declined to say or speculate.  10:31 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

Why do AGW’ist cling to claims that have no scientific basis? Because their nutty ideas have to be true so they can control CO2!  10:28 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

AGW climate models errors are no surprise to scientists who know the laws of thermodynamics, Maxwell’s equations, & black body radiators.  10:27 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

What has proven to be false in every climate model is that CO2 (including man-made CO2 emissions) does not drive global warming.  10:27 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

The disconnect between real measurements and predicted measurements, means that a fundamental part of the AGW claims is totally false.  10:26 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

The bottom line is that for 20 years 20+ IPCC AGW computer climate models have never predicted what actually happen in real time.  10:25 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

However, according to MIT data, radiative cooling continues to increase despite slowly rising CO2 levels. All AGW models predict otherwise  .10:24 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

According to the AGW claims, a CO2-based global warming and adverse climate change is a given for AGW climate computer modeling.  10:23 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

Some deny that the Rio-Kyoto-Copenhagen movement is a new religion: and yet, if it walks like a duck, and quacks …, what else can it be?  10:02 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

In the new world that AGW’ists want the Pledge goes: “I pledge allegiance to Gaia, one planet under UN environmental control….”  9:48 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

In a world of a UN controlled Gaia economy, national sovereignty become counter productive to the greater environmental good and must end.  9:44 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

I can hear the mantra cries of worker drones in a 1,000 year Gaia reign: “Work hard now so that other may work hard later, and forever.”  9:43 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

The weakness in the UNEP paradigm is that tomorrow—the future—never comes for the present generation that becomes worker drones. Work now!  9:36 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

Stated otherwise, the role of humanity in the present is to sustain the environment, prosperity, and security of the future. Sacrifice now.  9:35 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

The over-arching “challenge is to organize and ensure the environmental conditions for prosperity and security on a sustainable basis.”  9:33 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

The UN honors, and ignores, all religions equally: this escalates the environment to the only compelling value-based narrative for action.  9:32 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

“The environment should compete with religion as the only compelling value-based narrative available to humanity.” All hail Mother Gaia!  9:32 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

“[T]he current environmental challenges requires the environment to move to the center of political and economic decision-making.” Focus!  9:31 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

“The UNEP That We Want” dtd 9-17-2007, tells us what is wrong in Copenhagen. See the tweets & quotes that follow. All hail the environment.  9:30 AM Dec 15th, 2009.  

You are going to love this cartoon: Gore and Polar Bears.  10:52 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

the UN wants to run the worlds carbon economy and can't handle letting AFW friendly accredited journalist into the summit! Oops.  8:34 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

See list of 100 really good reasons to say no to a new agreement of any kind at Copenhagen. See list at  8:30 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In Copenhagen, blue-shirted UN Climate Conference commandos break a journalists TV microphone to prevent Gore answering questions.  3:03 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

Everything about the Copenhagen Summit is about Situational Ethics and AGW Situational Science where the climate change myth is made real.  2:52 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the case of AGW-SS, real evidence can and should be manipulated to make people think that a risk is real and requires prompt action.  2:50 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the case of AGW-SS, evidence of no danger is to be disregarded wherever there is a reason to think a danger might exist.  2:50 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the case of AGW-SS, immediate harm or disturbances to people and economies are of no matter, for only the long-term environment matters.  2:49 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the case of AGW-SS, if a serious environmental danger can be imaged, then the utmost is to be done to assure it will never happen.  2:48 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the case of the application of AGW situational science, the end justifies the means, which means actions can be taken on mere theory.  2:46 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

AGW theorists believe there is no prime directive other than an AGW science that achieves the greatest good for the environment.  2:45 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

AGW situational ethics means that certain scientific principles can be set aside, if the environmental good is better served by doing so.  2:44 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

AGW Situational Science is like Situational Ethics: in the latter, the core moral principle is Love; and in the former it is The Environment.  2:43 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the realm of proposals regarding the concept of man-made (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW), Situational Science plays a vital role.  2:42 PM Dec 14th, 2009.  

Oh my God! I think that without intending to do it, my simple line of reasoning proves conclusively that Al Gore is crazy. But I knew that!  11:35 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

When the worry about polar bears and glacier melting, and sea rise becomes the center-most focus of a person's life, they truly are crazy.    11:34 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

I suspect many people believe the AGW hoax is true because they have internalized the alarmism & the imagined warming makes them crazy.  11:30 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the US the “consensus” of US scientists who believe in AGW claims understand the value of US Govt. grants to do AGW supporting research.  11:27 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

In the UK many "climate-knowledgeable scientists" are signing up to support the AGW theory, like people at the London Veterinary College.  11:26 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The UK Met Office is less subtle: as a government agency it is coercing UK civil servants to sign up as affirmers of the AGW hoax.  11:25 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

I would not be surprised to learn that ACORN has been asked to go forth and get folks to sign declarations that they believe in AGW danger.  11:24 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

It is clear that one of the litmus test for the current bunch of high level WH’ers and Cabinet Heads was a firm belief in AGW’ism.  11:24 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

"Agenda listening" occurs where a person or agency with a political agenda, encourages research that will support what it is claiming.  11:23 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

Some might call this WH information gathering approach "selective listening" which it is, but it is also actively "agenda listening."  11:21 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The WH believes the AGW global warming climate change claims are true because most of the people they talk to believe all that nonsense.  10:57 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

Scientific certainty in the Obama WH is an interesting thing. There is good science, and denier science, and they decide which is which.  10:56 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The economic health and well being of the Planet depends on the top 20% of the most developed nations. The next 30% are important support.  7:09 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The gathering of 192 countries at Copenhagen reminds us that the Earth has too many countries. Let's call them dwarf states. Do they matter?  7:04 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The attack against climatologists and their AGW lies is coming  every other real science discipline.  6:58 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The situation in regard to climate studies is getting so bad that to describe a person as a climatologist is to say they tell AGW lies.  6:55 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

Once all the AGW hoaxsters embedded in academia are exposed and ousted, then real science climate studies can blossom. A new era nears!  6:47 AM Dec 14th, 2009.  

The best thing that could come out of Copenhagen would be a clear call to disband the UNEP & IPCC. Both are dangerously out of control.  11:10 PM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC, now says 350 ppm is the only safe level of carbon dioxide in the air (we are now at 380+). AGW idiot.  11:09 PM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Please remind Mr. Been that theories and fancy schoolbook illustration do not prove a real danger exists. More AGW bureaucratic science.  10:38 PM Dec 13th, 2009.  

What Hillary Benn fails to show is any studies to show this is actually happening. Research in California shows no such thing in actuality.  10:35 PM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The UK environment secretary Hillary Benn will say that ocean acidification provides a "powerful incentive" to cut carbon emissions.  10:33 PM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Maybe, by 2010 in Mexico City, the idiots  192 nations now in Denmark, will be smarter and the stupid AGW deception reputed. Hopefully?  11:01 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

By all accounts, based on what is known of the current sunspot activity, the Earth is headed into another 1940-80 era Mini Ice Age.  10:59 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The entire premise underpinning the Rio-Kyoto-Copenhagen efforts is a Lie, and no positive climate awareness & adaptation can come of it.  10:57 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

All that CO2 emissions control will change is future economic development. The Kyoto madness will continue to make climate adaptation worse.  10:54 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Unhappily for the deluded thousands in Copenhagen (and to be there soon) the climate will change even with CO2 control. All is folly.  10:53 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

These are the people who with lies & fraudulent data, and palpably junk science, have brought the world to a point of utter folly in Denmark.  10:50 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

But as it happened, in the 1975 to present day, some seemingly smart people decided that the climate just as it was then, should not change.  10:48 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Anyone with a lick of common sense about climate history should know that the current climate is in constant change.  10:45 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

There was cooling from 1900 to 1920, with a cooling frpm 1940-80 (called the Mini Ice Age), and another cooling began in 1998.  10:43 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

There were two warming bumps: one  1920-40, and another  1976 to 1998, with cooling before, between and after.  10:41 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The rise in the global temperature after 1900 was not a steady linear line of ever-warming days, year after year. There were ups and downs.  10:40 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The temperature rise during the last century (1900-1999) was 0.6°C (1°F) to 0.9°C (2°F). Not a very big rise is it? Nothing runaway!  10:39 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

It took 250 years as the Earth came out of the Little Ice Age to get the temperature back up 2°C to normal.  10:33 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The warming trend since A.D. 1600 has not been a constant upward temperature rise; rather the rise has been like a wave with warm and cool.  10:01 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Around A.D. 1600, when the 1350-1850 Little Ice Age was at its coldest, the GMT was about 12.4°C (54.3°F). A warming trend has followed.  9:59 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The currently accepted "normal" global mean temperature (1951-1980) is usually said to be 14°C 57.2°F. Not to hot, not too cool.  9:51 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Global earth temperature is measured in terms of "anomalies" which mean how must hotter or colder it is than what is considered "normal."  9:49 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

In terms of a current long cycle the Earth has been rewarming since c. 1600 when the Little Ice Age turnaround began.  9:47 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

One of the natural but non-cyclic occurrences that has often thrown the cycles off is high volcanic activity, as seen twice since 1980.  9:44 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The cyclic nature of climate change has long shown a high correlation with solar irradiance, solar variables, and sunspots. No CO2 needed.  9:41 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

One thing is real but does not involve CO2. Climate change, both warming and cooling happen naturally & cyclically, & have for centuries.  9:38 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Lacking proof that AGW theory has science merit, what do the AGW deceivers do? They make up false lies and claim anecdotal stories are real.  9:28 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

For AGW theory about climate change to be correct all three premises must be correct. None of them is correct. Theory can be demonstrated.  9:26 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

If AGW premise 2 & 3 are false, what about now being the warmest time in 2,500 years? Evidence shows warmer Rowan and Medieval Warm Periods.  9:25 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

If CO2 is not an issue in climate change, what about AGW premise 2, the one about a runaway rapid warming? Current cooling undercuts that.  9:22 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

On the basis of the failed 20+ IPCC computer models that assumed CO@ was a problem, trying to control the man-made fraction of CO2 is silly.  9:20 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Assume AGW premise 1 & 2 are true, but you have none the 20+ computer models based on CO2 causality of GW accurate about the observed temp.  9:18 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The AGW premise is threefold & simple: The is a rapid runaway temp rise, unprecedented in 2,500 years, and 20+ models say CO2 is to blame.  9:15 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The theory of AGW is not a science law. Climatology is not even a real science discipline. Many recognized disciplines inform climate info.  9:12 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

If I want to test the Law of Gravity I take an Apple and drop it. The Law clearly works at Mr. Newton said. And it works every single time.  9:10 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Do Rich Nations Owe Poor Ones a Climate Debt? No! Is CO2 really a climate problem? No! Is Copenhagen a waste of time and money? Yes.  8:57 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

If higher water because of AGW is a direct threat to California breakfront property, does anyone want to spend a $trillion to save it?  8:55 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The cap and trade option means that power consumers will be paying a fat cat with a forest not to cut the tree he never planned to cut.  12:53 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Meanwhile, what will the government do with the tax money? Will it lower the national debt? No, congress is going to give away the credits.  12:51 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

When a power company buys a carbon tax credit, he gets to burn the same coals as before, but now gets to charge all customers more.  12:50 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Carbon tax is not really the equivalent to the selling of indulgences in the middle ages by the Church. But that is an interesting idea.  12:48 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The UN is so worried about AGW skeptics that they are now threatening at gunpoint anyone who dares question them on the issue.  12:33 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Geothermal energy looked like easy to exploit power source. Then there were those nasty earthquake swarms in the two test areas. Oops!  12:24 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

When it comes to good investigative stories about the AGW fraud, we don't have a "free" press; we have a "bought into the lie" press.  12:07 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

I hear newspapers are folding every day. Okay, if they won't tell the truth about AGW junk fraud, who needs them?  12:05 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

The people at CRU say the Roman and MWP didn't exist, but they seem to have lost all the original data to prove it. How careless of them.  12:03 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

A thousand scientific organizations can say they believer that AGW is happening, but if they can't demonstrate it, then its just talk.  12:01 AM Dec 13th, 2009.  

Just as there is matter and anti-matter, there is science and anti-science; AGW science is the latter and is destroyed by real science.  4:01 PM Dec 12th  

Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) unveiled an outline of their solution for a non-problem.  10:42 AM Dec 12th  

North America absorbs more CO2 than it puts out and should be allowed to sell Carbon credits to the rest of the world if justice were done.  10:36 AM Dec 12th  

"Why does the global warming crusade seem so familiar to students of socialism? " asks Andrew Bolt. The Reds have turned Green.  10:28 AM Dec 12th  

Chinese accuse rich west of abandoning the Kyoto Protocol & pressuring the developing nations to cut emissions without proper compensation.  10:22 AM Dec 12th  

Forecast for the next 30 years: "We are going back into a period — back in the early 1800s, which was a mini-Ice Age. " -- Joe Bastardi  10:17 AM Dec 12th  

Why is Stanford University afraid of global warming science questions? What is Stanford hiding? Is it Professor Stephen Schneider’s files?  10:09 AM Dec 12th  

It so important to shield Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider questions by climate skeptics; is he too stupid to hew the party line.  10:06 AM Dec 12th  

What are the AGW zealots: they are the anti-coal, anti-oil, anti-nuclear, sit in the dark till we all freeze to death crazies.  9:46 AM Dec 12th  

What is Copenhagen really about? It's goal is the castration of carbon fueled world growth for no real scientific reason: its is a religion.  9:34 AM Dec 12th  

Some suggest that Schneider determines his climate change views by sticking his finger up in the air and checking the political winds.  7:20 AM Dec 11th  

Professor Stephen Schneider, a lead author of IPCC Reports, has very flexible views in climate change.  7:18 AM Dec 11th  

When Holdren went to Congress this week and said AGW “tipping points,” it meant he didn't know anything concrete about what he was saying.  2:21 PM Dec 10th  

John P “Tipping Point” Holdren, is the director of the WH Office of Science and Technology, and Obama’s “top” science advisor.  2:17 PM Dec 10th  

The scientific validity and utility of a future unknown tipping point has a mathematical probability factor of zero.  2:16 PM Dec 10th  

In the world of AGW climate science, “tipping points” are magical number (unknown in true value) at which something bad may happen.  2:16 PM Dec 10th  

The truth about real “tipping points.” We know the temperature at which water freezes and boils. Those are physical state tipping points,  2:15 PM Dec 10th  

Oops! Looks like there is trouble in Farmville over at Facebook. See details of class action lawsuit.  1:48 PM Dec 10th  

It would also appear that the people in the newer data collection units are not in on the long-running ground data deception schemes.  12:24 PM Dec 10th  

The problem NOAA and NASA now faces is the newer units in the agencies use satellite and sea buoy measurements that can’t be easily fudged.  12:22 PM Dec 10th  

NASA GISS has been sitting on a Freedom of Information Act request for 2 years. There is only one sensible reason to delay disclosure.  12:20 PM Dec 10th  

But neither NASA nor NOAA cried foul. Rather they keep adjusting data and allowing monitoring location problems, so they would match CRU.  12:18 PM Dec 10th  

I assume people at NOAA and NASA are very smart; and smart enough that if their observed data didn’t match CRU’s they would likely say so.  12:17 PM Dec 10th  

I suggest that the participation of NOAA and NASA in this nasty deception is self-evident by the fact their reports all match CRU's.  12:15 PM Dec 10th  

I suggest that the participation of NOAA and NASA in this nasty deception is self-evident by the fact their reports all match.  12:14 PM Dec 10th  

I suggest that the NOAA and NASA data is just a bent as the fabricated historic climate fairy tales published by the CRU.  12:13 PM Dec 10th  

Apologists for the people at CRU claim that nothing evil really happened because other climate agencies like NOAA and NASA show same thing.  12:13 PM Dec 10th  

MSM take today on the CRU e-mails release is that it was cyber-terrorism. Yesterday’s use of stolen Pentagon Papers was good journalism.  12:12 PM Dec 10th  

The Rio-Kyoto-Copenhagen AGW deception is just a new form of Old Europe Imperialism, and Obama is too dumb to see it; or maybe he does!  11:59 AM Dec 10th  

The Russians did not sign Kyoto because their scientists told the Kremlin that the AGW concept was junk science. China and India know this.  11:59 AM Dec 10th  

Meanwhile, as many of the poorest countries learned when the “Danish Draft” was leaked, they are doomed to remain in permanent poverty.  11:58 AM Dec 10th  

If ever in the history of the world there was a time and need for a whistler blower to act it is now. The AGW claim is a fraud.  11:56 AM Dec 10th  

This week in Copenhagen the dumbest people from 192 countries are assembled to cobble an economically ruinous solution to a non-problem.  11:56 AM Dec 10th  

Obviously, the timing of the release of the Climategate e-mails was designed to undermine the chances for a new treaty. And why not?  11:55 AM Dec 10th  

Why would the “fiendish Ruskies” want to undermine a stupid EU-USA plan to destroy the economies of the richest countries in the world?  11:54 AM Dec 10th  

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, vice-chairman of the IPCC claims that release of the Climategate e-mails is a fiendish Russian plot. Preposterous!  11:53 AM Dec 10th  

If the Copenhagen Summit was being held in the US, we could arrest the whole lot of participants and charge them with a RICO conspiracy.  11:53 AM Dec 10th  

The CRU historic climate data is a fraud. The AGW climate model predictions are worthless. The IPCC Climate Assessment Reports are junk.  11:38 AM Dec 10th  

How long are the AGW alarmist going to say their jury-rigged models are true predictors of anything remotely connected to climate science?  11:37 AM Dec 10th  

If IPCC model programmer were smart enough to integrate solar variables in the models then CO2 would not be seen as global warming threat.  11:36 AM Dec 10th  

The IPCC models were programmed & tweaked to show that with the artificial forcing assumptions assigned to CO2 caused warming in 1975-98.  11:36 AM Dec 10th  

None of the IPCC’s 20+ models predicted this cyclic decline because the do not model for the effects of solar activity, GCRs, and clouds.  11:34 AM Dec 10th  

Comparing the current Ap values (trending downward as Sunspots decrease) with older global temp cycles suggest colder times will continue.  11:34 AM Dec 10th  

In mid-2003 the Sun’s Ap value was around 23, in October it was 8, and this month it is at 3. This means the GCR bombardment is rising.  11:33 AM Dec 10th  

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center report on interplanetary geomagnetic index (the Ap) reveals the Sun remains very quiet.  11:33 AM Dec 10th  

As the Earth’s Albedo goes up more solar irradiance energy is reflected back into space and the Earth cools, which is now happening.  11:32 AM Dec 10th  

In period of low solar activity, more GCRs bombard the Earth upper atmosphere causing more clouds that increase Earth Albedo.  11:32 AM Dec 10th  

CLOUD experiments at CERN may soon prove the intrinsic connection between Galactic Cosmic Rays and cloud formation on the Earth.  11:32 AM Dec 10th  

The people of Holland are the only folk that have ever really understood being a coastal state, and over the centuries have added land.  11:31 AM Dec 10th  

Somehow seacoast dwellers have gotten the idea that there is one perfect sea level and it is the current one. What idiocy!  11:30 AM Dec 10th  

The rise and fall of the sea level with lands that border the sea will always be a problem. People have time to move.  11:29 AM Dec 10th  

Low-lying island state of Tuvalu worries that sea rise will submerge them: Did Atlantis meet the same sea rise fate in ancient times?  11:28 AM Dec 10th  

Copenhagen Summit gate guards refuse admission of one of the Chinese delegates: it’s not smart to snub China at this point in Summit!  11:27 AM Dec 10th  

Pachauri says CRU e-mail will be studied to see is there are any lessons to be learned; like not documenting data fraud tricks in e-mails.  11:21 AM Dec 10th  

Rajendra Pachauri, IPCC Chairman, praises CRU staff for contributing greatly to IPCC reports: that confirms what we already knew -- GIGO!  11:20 AM Dec 10th  

Is global warming cause by billions of Christmas lighting displays? UN IPCC will investigate and report on this "likely cause" of AGW.  7:19 AM Dec 10th  

What the heck was that whirling light thing in the Arctic sky? Was it a portent, a dread omen that the gods are angry with the Norwegians?  7:14 AM Dec 10th  

Memo to all UK Scientists: "Act on request for signatures supporting AGW hoax as if you job depended on it, for it does!  7:12 AM Dec 10th  

Obama's carbon control energy plan would turn the United States back to the days in the 1850's when Cotton was King. Been there, done that!  7:08 AM Dec 10th  

What the AGW theory requires is that everyone pretend that CO2 is a problem greenhouse gas. The manipulated data made pretending easier.  7:04 AM Dec 10th  

Global warming, and global cooling, come naturally and cyclically (its the Sun) and there is nothing unnatural about 1975-1998 era.  7:02 AM Dec 10th  

Man-Made Global Warming thesis rests on claim that recent temp uptick is unprecedented in last 2,500 years and that is simply not true.  6:59 AM Dec 10th  

How can anyone have utmost confidence in the science base that underpins the evidence for global warming after e-mail release?  6:57 AM Dec 10th  

UK Met Office seeks signatures: We . . . have the utmost confidence in the science base that underpins the evidence for global warming”.  6:56 AM Dec 10th  

What the statement of 1700 UK scientists proves about the AGW thesis is that we know 1700 people who got it wrong. Agreeing is not proving.  6:51 AM Dec 10th  

I once had an Indian finance teacher tell our class: "Tell me what you think and I will get ten million of my countrymen to agree with you."  6:49 AM Dec 10th  

1700 UK scientist agree that since end of Little Ice Age ‘Warming of the climate system is unequivocal," How clever of IPCC to note this.  6:46 AM Dec 10th  

Trusting Rajendra Pachauri, and the UN IPCC, to accurately report of climate science is like having Barney Madoff as your financial adviser.  6:34 AM Dec 10th  

As Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the UN IPCC, seemingly see the scandal, since AGW science is settled, the data manipulation is irrelevant.  6:32 AM Dec 10th  

Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the UN IPCC, the fact that the Climategate e-mails reveals a widespread data fraud conspiracy is irrelevant.  6:30 AM Dec 10th  

According to Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the UN IPCC, only issue raised by the Climategate e-mails is the fact they were made public.  6:28 AM Dec 10th  

In Copenhagen, Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the UN IPCC, mounts strong defense of the AGW thesis saying: "Liar, Lair, Earth's on Fire."  6:23 AM Dec 10th  

According to the Dalai Lama: Obama's Nobel Prize Is "A Little Early". Amen to that observation.  11:23 PM Dec 9th  

A wonderful collection of short Climate video  the people at CO2 Science. See  10:02 PM Dec 9th  

Don't miss Chris Monckton's "Caught Green-Handed!" and learn more about the CRU data manipulations. See  8:26 AM Dec 9th  

Obama, the Commander-in-Chef has weak recipe for taking the fight to the al Qaeda and Taliban fighters. He just does not understand war.  6:41 AM Dec 9th  

EPA's Lisa Jackson claims her agency will use its power to stage a coup and take over the US carbon-based economy. Don't think so!  6:35 AM Dec 9th  

The underlying political theme of Copenhagen is that the USA's economic empire has enslaved the poor countries and we must pay reparations.  6:29 AM Dec 9th  

When I woke up this morning my bed had not been transported to a bleak desert and so far the earth has not begun to crack beneath my feet.  6:11 AM Dec 9th  

At least, naughty as she was, Thatcher's motive was pro-British. I cannot in any way see Obama's present motive as being pro-American.  3:52 PM Dec 8th  

Obama see himself as the man who will make possible the One-World, One-People dream of his mother. This is the real "Change" Obama wants.  3:49 PM Dec 8th  

In Obama’s mind, the greater good of a One-World Governance of economic power justifies ignoring true science, and the US Constitution.  3:49 PM Dec 8th  

In Obama’s mind, the UN's global control of carbon economics, and a redistribution of America’s wealth will bring a better green world.  3:48 PM Dec 8th  

Obama know that the AGW hypothesis is junk science & has been discredited by many scientists in many fields, but he has a political agenda.  3:46 PM Dec 8th  

Even the EPA, in its endangerment finding, cites the IPCC reports as the authoritative proof that the CO2-AGW theory is true. Buy the lie!  3:45 PM Dec 8th  

The Copenhagen AGW may be able to brush aside a decade of global cooling, but they know that by 2012 the jig will be up & the truth known.  3:44 PM Dec 8th  

The people at Copenhagen who are the driving forces know that the AGW hypothesis is false, which is why they need to get a treaty now.  3:42 PM Dec 8th  

Today I heard that world health will be endangered by global warming, and yet all the evidence is that mortality in cold seasons is higher.  3:41 PM Dec 8th  

Not only that, they sit around, and, with the helps of crackpots everywhere, dream up more and more lurid scenarios of climate danger.  3:40 PM Dec 8th  

Thatcher’s “little lie” and deception has become the Big Lie,” and a dangerous one at that. Today governments want to solve a non-problem.  3:39 PM Dec 8th  

We hardly need to document the role of Al Gore in furthering the Big Lie. He even parlayed the fraud into an Oscar.  3:38 PM Dec 8th  

Sensing free money to fund otherwise unprofitable energy contraptions, businessmen uninterested in truth began to support the AGW nonsense.  3:37 PM Dec 8th  

Knowing a good deception when they saw it, Communists in Europe & the US became involved with using the global warming scare to their ends.  3:36 PM Dec 8th  

During that meantime, the radical environmental movement latched onto the AGW concept as a vehicle to further its own anti-capital agenda  .3:35 PM Dec 8th  

In the meantime, some of the “climatologists” began to believe their own lies (some were clueless re the fraud), and AGW’ism became "real".  3:34 PM Dec 8th  

Margaret Thatcher hatched this deception for the political purpose of getting the UK to go nuclear, and it did, but with too few plants.  3:33 PM Dec 8th  

Although the full extent of NOAA’s and NASA’s complicity in this long running deception is not full known, there is evidence of data fraud.  3:32 PM Dec 8th  

The lead writers for the IPCC are carefully chosen so that the can be counted on to hew the AGW deception lie; no skeptics are allowed.  3:31 PM Dec 8th  

The IPCC, also organized at Thatcher’s behest, was part and parcel of the CO2 based man-made warming fraud, and has been part to this day.  3:30 PM Dec 8th  

The 20+ IPCC climate computer models were loaded with the phony temp data and programmed to make it look like CO2 was causing the warming.  3:29 PM Dec 8th  

The CRU was also to make it appear, based on the flat-temp deception, that the current temp rise was unprecedented, very rapid, and runaway.  3:27 PM Dec 8th  

The CRU was also to make it appear that the so-called Little Ice Age was not so cold, so that temps were relatively flat for 2500 years.  3:24 PM Dec 8th  

CRU was to make it appear that  250 B.C. to today there have been no periods warmer than the temperatures that began to rise in 1976.  3:23 PM Dec 8th  

The prime purpose of the UEA’s CRU, established by the UK's PM Margaret Thatcher in the early 1980’s, was to fabricate climate data.  3:22 PM Dec 8th  

CO2 did not cause the global warming to begin in the 16th century, and CO2 did not rapidly increase the temps in the 1976-1998 era.  3:20 PM Dec 8th  

The world temperatures in the LIA began to warm around 1525 and there has been a general warming trend since that time and to the present.  3:19 PM Dec 8th  

The temperature drop in the Little Ice Age, AD 1325 to 1955, stopped around 1525, well before Industrial Fossil Fuel Age started in 1850.  3:19 PM Dec 8th  

Undoubtedly the Earth’s means temperature has been warming since the low point of the Little Ice Age (the Modern Warm Era began in 1855).  3:18 PM Dec 8th  

Obama says out of one side of his Janus face that he is working on job creation, and out of the other urges CO2 control that will end jobs.  11:31 AM Dec 8th  

AGW'ism is a dangerous American fifth column. Environmentalism is a green camouflage. Marxist theory is its core. Faux Science is a tool.  11:27 AM Dec 8th  

@drshow All of the science behind the AGW activity is based on fraudulent data. There is no direct health danger in CO2.  7:28 AM Dec 8th  

Diane Rehm show today reminds us that the EPA endangerment finding is grounded on a Supreme Court decision that assumed that AGW was real.  7:24 AM Dec 8th  

AGW'ism is a dangerous American fifth column. Environmentalism is a green camouflage. Marxist theory is its core. Faux-Science is a tool.  7:05 AM Dec 8th  

The goal of carbon control is the destruction of America's energy infrastructure and it's economic power in the world. It is soft terrorism!  6:56 AM Dec 8th  

When Jesus noted there will always be poor people, redistributing wealth means everyone needs to be equally poor: Obama does believe that.  6:53 AM Dec 8th  

When Obama spoke of closing the "wealth gap" he wasn't just talking about a gap in the USA, but in the whole world' by downsizing America.  6:48 AM Dec 8th  

Old-style Lenin and Mao Communism are dead, but a more dangerous and virulent Eco-Econo-Communism has taken its place in radical AGW'ism.  6:45 AM Dec 8th  

No real good has come  Kyoto and worse will come  Copenhagen, for carbon control is based on science lies and Marxist dreams.  6:32 AM Dec 8th  

Make a list of all Copenhagen delegates, and all who speak in favor of establishing the Central Committee of Climate Control. Remember all.  6:29 AM Dec 8th  

Beware of AGW'ism's Watermelon Marxists: they are green on the outside and red on the inside. Most are found in Copenhagen just now.  6:25 AM Dec 8th  

New test for defining an AGW true believer: an AGW TB'er will hold their breath to the death to avoid exhaling CO2; all others are bluffing.  6:16 AM Dec 8th  

New EPA suggestion: "Based on UN IPCC reports that CO2 likely causes GW, we find it to be a pollutant. There please stop breathing."  6:11 AM Dec 8th  

New EPA motto: "We hear no science, see no science, and speak no science. We are the Education Palpably Absent agency saying no to CO2."  6:04 AM Dec 8th  

Cui Bono? Is Barack "Chicago" Obama’s involved with the carbon-trading Chicago Climate Exchange? See the story at  5:53 AM Dec 8th  

Depending on which risk-cost numbers you use, cost if avoiding climate risk is 25+ time that of taking the hit (if it ever comes).  9:00 PM Dec 7th  

What happens in an ETS (or cap-n-trade) if the cost if a carbon trade share fall to a penny a share?  8:47 PM Dec 7th  

Are we living in an era where global warming is caused by man-made CO2? Undoubtedly not: CO2 increase followed warming of the oceans.  2:50 PM Dec 7th  

Are we living in an era of global warming? Undoubtedly: the earth has been warming since the end of the Little Ice Age 160 years ago.  2:46 PM Dec 7th  

UK Met Office says plans to re-evaluate 160 years worth of global temp data will take three years. Meanwhile Copenhagen summit presses on.  2:40 PM Dec 7th  

Some see abortion as a litmus test for judges: what we need to do is make sure they do not believe in the junk science of AGW madness!  11:03 AM Dec 7th  

EPA's action is Obama's way to prod Congress to act on AGW legislation. And Congress should act by removing EPA's power to regulate CO2.  10:59 AM Dec 7th  

Game on! EPA declares CO2 a danger to humans. Agency to act on basis of IPCC and CRU data and conclusions. Way to go Lisa!  10:50 AM Dec 7th  

Typical AGW statement: I don't know about the AGW science, but I know it is settled and believed by a consensus of those who know about it.  7:06 AM Dec 6th  

It is easy for AGW advocates to discount the relevance of the CRU e-mails disclosure: they don't know what is the relevance of the CRU data.  7:02 AM Dec 6th  

Ask an AGW zealot what are the core elements of the AGW "science" hypothesis, and then enjoy either their blank look or the really silly replies.  6:58 AM Dec 6th  

Word is that the EPA will declare CO2 a public danger is coming week. That reminds me of Uncle Remus' Tar Baby story  11:22 PM Dec 5th  

Today the "science of climatology" is sorta-science" in the thrall of an anti-carbon political agenda, and the AGW deception is its spawn!  6:22 AM Dec 5th  

As smart as many scientists may be, most have never learned to be weary of political and corporate forces that will ensnare them.  6:17 AM Dec 5th  

This is the twilight time of the petty gods that defined what acceptable science should be. The owl of Minerva flies at sunset. Who is its prey?  6:15 AM Dec 5th  

In this Internet era sloppy and stupid science will happen, but at the same time carefully crafted fraudulent junk science will be exposed.  6:09 AM Dec 5th  

Today, happily for all but the élitist cliques, the free flow of science dialog via the Internet has changed the paradigm of data control.  6:06 AM Dec 5th  

Once upon a time a tight and élite of like-minded people could control what they wanted to be "recognized science" and get away with it.  6:03 AM Dec 5th  

And then there are the "learned societies" and professional groups whose management associate the organization with PC sorta-science.  5:58 AM Dec 5th  

Obviously the integrity of magazines and journals, and those they used to peer-review submitted articles, is no less sullied.  5:54 AM Dec 5th  

Today there are academies that may as well run ad saying "Junk science for sale here: tell us what you want to hear and we will package it!”  5:51 AM Dec 5th  

Once a research unit or academy is identified as being a nest of AGW data manipulators its reputation will be forever tainted.  5:48 AM Dec 5th  

Once a researcher puts their name on a paper that originates or references a paper with fraudulent data, it is like signing a forged check.  5:41 AM Dec 5th  

So-called peer-reviewed science research papers based on distorted data contain authors' names making it easy to ID the junk scientists.  5:38 AM Dec 5th  

When the zealot AGW researchers began to fudge data and expound scary scenarios they forgot the old military saw: tracers point both ways.  5:34 AM Dec 5th  

My tweets will now be archived at new site, URL: It is under construction.  5:27 AM Dec 5th  

Who is an active part of the AGW deception? The tens of thousands of people who finances, jobs, prestige and political careers depend on it!  2:48 PM Dec 4th  

When I breathe I exhale CO2, when coal burns CO2 is emitted: the gas in indistinguishable; neither is a pollutant. Why does the EPA lie?  2:30 PM Dec 4th  

Once the housecleaning is complete at CRU, NASA GISS, and at the IPCC, the world can learn to live free of the fear of CO2 and natural CC.  2:26 PM Dec 4th  

I like Lobos Motl's modest suggestion that the Velvet Climate Revolution should begin with the replacement of IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri.  2:24 PM Dec 4th  

Why does Boone Pickens love wind farms? He has lots of natural gas to power backup gas-fired electric power plants. The guy's really smart.  2:11 PM Dec 4th  

Two kinds of groups fund research: those looking for breakthroughs, and those looking to hide inconvenient truth, mostly the latter.  2:09 PM Dec 4th  

How do young and upcoming science scholars at universities learn how to lie and forge research data? Their professors & peers encourage it.  2:07 PM Dec 4th  

We spend trillions in space, well, GPS satellites are nice, but begrudge every dime spent on river and coastal levees. What is wrong here?  2:00 PM Dec 4th  

In January 2004, the Mars Rover landed: so far it has not found and Martians, and none have yet found it. Lucky us; they might be mad at us.  1:58 PM Dec 4th  

If the rocketry side of NASA operated with the sloppiness of the weather side, we would still be trying to just hit the moon with a rocket.  1:55 PM Dec 4th  

How long will it take our grandkids to repair the damage to the world civilization and economy after we ruin it with CO2 control?  1:44 PM Dec 4th  

About 14,000 years ago there was several thousand feet of ice covering where Chicago is now. Now it’s gone: climate change is not so bad.  1:39 PM Dec 4th  

On NPR's Science Friday today the guest said that 13.5 billion years ago the new universe was as tiny as a pea, and look at it now. Change!  1:39 PM Dec 4th  

On NPR's Science Friday today the guest said that 13.5 billion years ago the entire universe was as tiny as a pea, and look at it now. Change!  1:30 PM Dec 4th  

Yes Virginia, there is climate change, but Santa and his elves, busy as they are, does not cause it and can't stop it.  1:29 PM Dec 4th  

The claim that denialist use every means at their disposal to undermine trust in scientists and science, sure sounds like an AGW lie to me!  1:27 PM Dec 4th  

And yet, it is on the basis of this juke science silliness that Obama wants Americans to spend a trillion of their tax dollars. No way!  1:18 PM Dec 4th  

If a reasonable person viewed this kind of dodgy evidence, would they likely spend a $10,000 of their own money based on it? Not likely.  1:16 PM Dec 4th  

Then there's that talk in the CRU e-mails about destroying data before letting other see it. What can be made of that? Nothing good.  1:12 PM Dec 4th  

If some idiot lost or destroyed my 2500 years of data I would be outraged and have raised a mighty stink. But Briffa said nothing. Curious?  1:11 PM Dec 4th  

This data, you see would all fit on a large computer data tape, but it was destroyed to make space when an office move happened at CRU.  1:09 PM Dec 4th  

Here is what is amazing: Keith Briffa says he reconstructed the global mean temperature back to before Christ, but loses the original data!  1:07 PM Dec 4th  

But if my e-mails talk about "tricks" I have used that are not in my notes, then is that not a reason for serious concern? It should be!  1:04 PM Dec 4th  

Actually, is not the core premise of good science is that if I show you my notes then you can use my methods and get the same result?  1:02 PM Dec 4th  

If the science and scientific method at UEA's CRU is above board, how can the e-mails release be a matter of any question or concern?  1:00 PM Dec 4th  

According to the editors of Nature, "the theft [of e-mails] highlights the harassment that denialists inflict on some climate researchers."  12:58 PM Dec 4th  

Nature magazine, for those not regular subscribers, is a major propaganda organ for those organizing the AGW deception. It will not change.  12:52 PM Dec 4th  

Editor of Nature magazine continues: "but nothing we have seen so far in the e-mails qualifies." Why does this statement not surprise me?  12:50 PM Dec 4th  

Editor of Nature magazine note "it is Nature's policy to investigate ... [climate data fraud] if there are substantive reasons for concern."  12:48 PM Dec 4th  

On 11-25-09, NBC's Brian Williams called GW "one of the biggest issues facing the planet," but everyone knows biggest issue is Tiger Woods.  11:50 AM Dec 4th  

Where does COMCAST stand regarding the AGW deception? Will NBC continue to be an AGW propaganda outlet? Will Brian Williams push AGW lies?  11:48 AM Dec 4th  

Can't decide who is dummer: Pailin as Birther or Obama as AGW junk scientist? Both do grave damage to the nation, and to themselves.  8:51 AM Dec 4th  

The Huffington Post part of the AGW propaganda confederation: see story-lead titled "End the Politics -- Let Scientists and Engineers Lead"  7:49 AM Dec 4th  

Cyber hacking or inside whistle blower? That is the real CRU e-mail question! Some suggest latter. See speculation at  6:08 AM Dec 4th  

Wikipedia part of the greater Climategate conspiracy: AGW friendly editors aggressively keep the truth about AGW deception  being told.  5:54 AM Dec 4th  

Google search is part of the global warming deception: its autosuggest will not help you find the full story about AGW's junk science.  5:51 AM Dec 4th  

Headline: "U.N. to Investigate Leak of Fudged Climate Data E-Mails." Can't wait to see results of fox's side of the nasty henhouse story!  5:47 AM Dec 4th  

See what the global cooling looks like. Note chart at  11:43 PM Dec 3rd  

Gore presentation planned at Copenhagen was a 3000-ticket sellout, and now he "unexplainably" has canceled. Maybe a bit too commercial?  11:32 PM Dec 3rd  

 every indication, climate data released by NASA GISS is a phony as that fabricated by the CRU at UEA. NASA is stonewalling on FOIA.  11:26 PM Dec 3rd  

A Difference without a Distinction: AGW Science and Professional Wrestling; for both are rigged shows.  11:22 PM Dec 3rd  

Secret Service criticized for letting gatecrashers in: I want to know who let the people carrying briefcases of junk science into the WH.  11:12 PM Dec 3rd  

Trying to think of any US administration that tried so hard to ride the hobbyhorse of a science deception to the point of self-destruction.  10:55 PM Dec 3rd  

Lisa Jackson's position at EPA is understandable; she and the Obama administration are so far out on the junk science limb they can't doubt!  10:53 PM Dec 3rd  

Lisa "I've got my science blinders on" Jackson, at EPA says agency will press forward with CO2 endangerment finding even with CRU eMails.  10:51 PM Dec 3rd  

Is Senator Boxer really dumb enough to schedule at hearing to investigate the "leak" of the ClimateGate eMails? I hope to heaven she is.  10:49 PM Dec 3rd  

What the AGW politicos do not understand is that a radical change in fossil fuel energy use will soon make all economies unworkable. Gulp!  2:20 PM Dec 2nd  

It is easy to say those behind the AGW movement are eco-radical Communists with Leftist Utopian ideas, but most of all, they are just stupid.  2:17 PM Dec 2nd  

Copenhagen is about a political carbon control agenda and redistributing wealth, so for its actors, real science is not even relevant.  2:14 PM Dec 2nd  

And yet, here we are, a weekend away  the opening of the Copenhagen Summit, and world politico are determined to act on junk science.  2:13 PM Dec 2nd  

Dread the thought that temperature rise is not caused by CO2, because if that is not true then geoengineering CO2 would not do anything.  2:12 PM Dec 2nd  

The AGW models said that if CO2 level rose, then the global mean temperature had to rise too, but the temp has not done so since 1998.  2:11 PM Dec 2nd  

The most damning evidence against the AGW case was that the real world did not do what the computer models said must be happening. Oops!  2:10 PM Dec 2nd  

Now Trenberth would never admit this to the world, but the CRU emails show that, even for the zealots, the AGW science was not settled.  2:09 PM Dec 2nd  

For Trenberth, not being able to balance the Earth Energy Budget, was the same as saying that the IPCC models were fundamentally flawed.  2:08 PM Dec 2nd  

AGW advocate Trenberth admits that he was nowhere close to knowing where energy was going or whether clouds we making the planet brighter.  2:06 PM Dec 2nd  

Despite crazy prediction of sea level rise, reputable reports show global mean sea level rise constrained to less than one meter by 2100.  2:05 PM Dec 2nd  

There was also nothing in the AGW computer modeling to explain the lack of increase in the Ocean Heat Content (OHC) since 2004.  2:02 PM Dec 2nd  

The expectation suggested by some 20+ AGW computer climate models did not square with a decade of real temperature stagnation, and cooling.  2:01 PM Dec 2nd  

In October 2009. Kevin Trenberth emailed that “the fact we cannot account for what is happening … makes geoengeneering quite hopeless.”  2:00 PM Dec 2nd  

For those within the inner circles of the AGW deception, the fact that real world measurement did not match their predictions was puzzling.  1:59 PM Dec 2nd  

In August 09, Kevin, noted, a lack of warming in CERE data, and concluded the data was wrong, or the measurement devices were inadequate.  1:58 PM Dec 2nd  

The CRU emails show that sometimes AGW advocates, like Kevin Trenberth, lead authors at the IPCC, are often confused by real data.  1:57 PM Dec 2nd  

As the computer modelers say: GIGO (“garbage in, garbage out”) and in the case of the AGW fraud, CRUDD was the garbage used.  12:40 PM Dec 2nd  

Happily the half-life of CRUDD is very short when exposed to sunlight and CO2, so the planet can be assured that AGW alarms are harmless.  12:39 PM Dec 2nd  

CRUDD whitewashing was especially to be noted in remarks by Robert Gibbs at a recent WH briefing, where the MSM happily ignored the CRUDD.  12:38 PM Dec 2nd  

This is not to say that some did not try to whitewash the presence of the CRUDD and pretend that it did not exist, or was unimportant.  12:37 PM Dec 2nd  

Once the presence of CRUDD was hacked loose  the secret cabinets at UEA’s CRU, the stink of it were too obnoxious to ignore.  12:36 PM Dec 2nd  

The existence of CRUDD as a key to AGW claims has long been suspected, but its presence was confirmed when the CRUDD hit the fan recently.  12:35 PM Dec 2nd  

It is had to assess the true toxicity of CRUDD because the original data used to make the CRUDD at UEA was lost during a move of offices.  12:34 PM Dec 2nd  

Additional secondhand CRUDD emissions come  the Earth System Science Center (ESSC) where CRUDD is stirred with Hockey Sticks.  12:34 PM Dec 2nd  

Most of the CRUDD available today is used and re-emitted in a stronger secondary form in the reports of the UN IPCC and UNEP.  12:32 PM Dec 2nd  

Unlike CO2, a clear and odorless life-giving GHG, CRUDD has a palpable presence and a very offensive smell about it. It's in many reports.  12:31 PM Dec 2nd  

Shutting down the UEA's CRU would eliminate the principle emission source for most of the polluting CRUDD in the air today.  12:28 PM Dec 2nd  

The pollutant that is behind what is called AGW is man-made, and it is called, I suggest CRUDD (Climate Research Unit Distorted Data).  12:26 PM Dec 2nd  

True, my tweets are not peer-reviewed, but if I may be so bold as to venture a hypothesis, I think I have discovered the key AGW pollutant.  12:25 PM Dec 2nd  

As Tom Nelson suggests, if you listen carefully you can hear the fat lady singing and the curtain is about to fall on the AGW fairy tale.  12:24 PM Dec 2nd  

As for all the little AGW elves on the WH staff, Obama needs to seen them north to Alaska to inventory the caribou population.  11:29 PM Dec 1st  

Another nice Christmas present would be for Obama to fire Steven Chu and Lisa Jackson for pretending to believe in the AGW hoax.  11:26 PM Dec 1st  

All I want for Christmas is for President Obama to publicly admit that the CO2 emissions claims about global warming is a hoax.  11:24 PM Dec 1st  

If, "independent scientists all over the world across RELEVENT disciplines think AGW is a fact," then lots of stupid people are out there.  11:07 PM Dec 1st  

Voting for carbon control will raise consumer costs, and the cost will be the same as a cruel tax. A tax based on a hoax is doubly worse.  11:02 PM Dec 1st  

My previous statement is a nice way of giving AGW prone politicos a basis for backing off of AGW alarmist position before its too late.  10:58 PM Dec 1st  

Only thing settled about the man-made (via CO2 emission) global warming idea, is that the idea is far from settled, and it likely a hoax.  10:54 PM Dec 1st  

Australia's Parliament defeated legislation to set up a greenhouse gas emissions trading system; way to go Australia! That is good news!  10:47 PM Dec 1st  

If at some time in the future the natural climate change brings Roman Warm Period-like sea levels that maybe Manhattan will get a dunking.  10:43 PM Dec 1st  

Taking the previous two tweet of mine into account, I conclude there is no "perfect sea level" that is an inconvenience to everyone.  10:42 PM Dec 1st  

Long ago, just after the last Great Glaciation ended, the sea level was hundreds of feet lower, and the Virginia coast was 60 miles east.  10:40 PM Dec 1st  

A few years ago I visited Ephesus (see Acts 19) and noticed the seashore was no long up to the city level. Maybe the sea level was higher.  10:37 PM Dec 1st  

Another suggestion about what is happen in the melting ice world is that with CO2 not a problem, they have no clue how the climate works.  10:35 PM Dec 1st  

One suggestion about what is happening in the melting ice world is that the reporters are simply giving out fraudulent data, playing a trick.  10:34 PM Dec 1st  

AGW'ers claim polar land ice caps are thawing, but the global temp has been creeping downward since 1998. How can that be happening you ask?  10:32 PM Dec 1st  

The AGW alarmists are puzzled: CO2 level keep creeping up but the global temp has not risen in a decade. So what is happing? Clueless AGW.  10:30 PM Dec 1st  

I listened to the Presidents West Point speech: lots of rhyme and reason; but where was the real fire in the belly desire to get OBL or MO?  10:27 PM Dec 1st  

Obama is doing everything in his power to prevent the disclosure of any science report that questions the AGW theory. US agencies are lying.  8:08 AM Dec 1st  

For Obama, the so-called science dabbler, the claim that AGW science is good enough to act on because it hides the underlying politics.  8:06 AM Dec 1st  

But what Gibb was spelling out is the real WH truth, namely that carbon control and Copenhagen are not about science, but are political.  8:05 AM Dec 1st  

What Robert Gibbs was spoon-feeding the WH reporters was the concept that there is no need to question the validity of AGW claims.  8:03 AM Dec 1st  

What the AGW alarmist claim is that apart  all natural cycles of climate change, rising CO2 level causes a new unnatural climate change.  8:02 AM Dec 1st  

No one in their right science mind can doubt that the Earth's climate has changed, is changing, and will continue to change. So what?  7:59 AM Dec 1st  

In order to dodge the real issue, whether CO2 is causing runaway global warming, Gibb talks only of "climate change" and not it's cause.  7:58 AM Dec 1st  

“In the order of several thousand scientists have come to the conclusion that climate change is happening,” Gibbs said. Another lie.  7:56 AM Dec 1st  

Robert Gibbs didn't say on Monday was that most people don’t dispute CO2 forced man-made global warming, which is the Climategate issue.  7:54 AM Dec 1st  

Gibbs is correct: most people believe that we have experienced global warming since the last Little Ice Age. He hides a lie in the truth!  7:52 AM Dec 1st  

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs dismisses the Climategate controversy, saying Monday that most people don’t dispute global warming.  7:50 AM Dec 1st  

In real science, observable evidence lead to a valid conclusion: in AGW science the conclusion needed guides what is said to be observed.  7:44 AM Dec 1st  

In Situational Ethics, ends do justify the means: today in AGW alarmism we see Situational Science where evidence manipulation is the rule.  7:40 AM Dec 1st  

It may rain here tomorrow, and we need rain, but I am not sure I see or sense a CO2 or global warming connection; but Al Gore does.  7:37 AM Dec 1st  

Natural polar climate change (solar cycle) is called Arctic or Antarctic Global Warming or, more simply, AGW, and AGW is a cause for alarm.  7:27 AM Dec 1st  

Now that it's clear the slowing rising CO2 level are not causing a temperature rise, alarmist now insist melting ice is causing warming.  7:24 AM Dec 1st  

If the NYT really believed in a 200 foot sea-level rise they would be planning now to move their offices and operations to mile-high Denver.  7:21 AM Dec 1st  

NYT and WaPo editorial policy: every line of speculative prints spent on the Tiger Woods car wreck is a line of AGW fraud we can hide.  7:20 AM Dec 1st  

Taking a hint  Carville about how to describe the opposition, I guess the AGW alarmists and advocates are members of the Bullcrap Lobby.  7:17 AM Dec 1st  

James Carville prefers to call the people exposing he AGW deception as members of "the pollution lobby." just a bit if political there!  7:15 AM Dec 1st  

AGW advocates object to calling opposition scientists "skeptics" because that term suggests there is something to be skeptical about. Hello!  7:12 AM Dec 1st  

When questioned US Govt. AGW advocates hide behind the fraudulent reports of the IPCC and the consensus of "2,500 scientists."  7:10 AM Dec 1st  

When the AGW deception is fully exposed, and the lies about CO2 emissions are exposed, let's also name the 2,500 lying scientists involved.  7:08 AM Dec 1st  

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